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My Writing
Michael Lee Pfaffly

My creative side...

One of the things Michael wrote that is my favorite is called "The Teddy Bear Remembers". He wrote it for his sister. I know it was a work of love.


The Teddy Bear remembers the time of long ago
When a little princess roamed in calico
Her kingdom was the outdoors; the grass, the trees and things
She wore her royal jewels in tiny little rings
She sang to her subjects, all her baby dolls
She talked with the birds as they made their calls
The kingdom was a wonderland, a joyous place to be
Complete in it's innocence, a land where all was free

But as with all good things, the world came to an end
The Teddy Bear no longer, was her only friend
She threw away her royalty, as she came in bloom
The kingdom was lost and left in darkest gloom
The princess is a lady now, the Bear sits on a windowsill
But the Teddy Bear remembers, and he always will.