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Daddy's Little Man
Michael Lee Pfaffly

A song I made up for Michael a long time ago.


If words could tell the story of what he means to me
Maybe it would be a sign that other men could see
Don't take your boy for granted
Give him all the love you can
You may not always have him, he's Daddy's little man.

The memories come flooding by, his coat hung on the door
His mouth full of cracker jacks, his toys strung on the floor
A gentle kiss, a tender hug; makes me understand
Just how much I'm missing, Daddy's little man.

Oh why, Oh why did God reach down to take his little hand
Maybe he was lifted to join an angel band
These tears that's falling from my eyes and dripping on my hand
Are tears of love and sorrow, for Daddy's little man.

Although this what if song was wrote with the idea of how I might feel if I lost my son, thank god it never happened.