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About Our Club


About Our Club
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Our Charter

Our organization does not have a formal charter; many do not. If our organization decides to include a written charter, we'll include it here. If not, we'll use this area to discuss the reasons our club exists and what our goals are.

History of Our Club

This club was first formed on Yahoo. Due to a lack of space it was transferred to Tripod on July 4, 2000. Not a bad date for a new beginning.

Due to lack of time to play and the need to provide bread for the table I have only been able to work on this site sporadically. I will publish it prematurely just to find out how the members like it.

The publish date is July 30, 2000.

Our Club Founders

While this site was not started for personal glory it remains a newsworthy item to let people know how it was started and the people responsible. Patricia and I enjoy working on the computer and it is a labor of love. We certainly hope people will enjoy the site and participate in it's development.

Jerry and Patricia Pfaffly
1116 Berkshire Court
Trophy Club, Texas 76262-5448